Friday, October 9, 2015

The Artisans Cup 2015

It was indeed an honor to be chosen as one of the exhibitors at the inaugural Artisans Cup.  The tree I exhibited was a Korean Hornbeam, purchased several years ago at auction from a private collection in the US.  I was told it was developed in Japan before importing to the states.  It’s one of the more stately trees in my garden and I feel very fortunate to be its current caretaker.  I staged the setup and snapped these photos shortly before it left for Portland.  It was just beginning to display some yellow fall color...

Here is the tree and accent in place and ready for fitting in one of the cross-country transport trucks.  Thanks again to volunteer and driver, Russell Baggert, who ensured the trees safely arrived to and fro.


I arrived on a rainy, cool Friday morning to what has become one of the epicenters of bonsai in the U.S. - Portland, OR.  The rain and clouds made way to sunshine, just prior to my first tour of the weekend.  Our first stop was the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden in the heart of downtown Portland.  

Up next on the tour was a visit to Michael Hagedorn's garden.  I enjoyed meeting Michael and getting to know the crew from the Portland Bonsai Village.  Such a beautiful array of yamadori from the area, including the clumps of Mountain Hemlock and Vine Maple.  I enjoyed the collection of kusamono on hand as well.

That evening came the opening of the exhibition at the Portland Art Museum.  I had grabbed a bite to eat a few blocks down from the museum and came outside to the sound of drums to mark the opening.  The exhibit was nothing less than spectacular and brilliantly conceived, from the poetic passages to the intricate lighting.

I located the hornbeam nestled between one of the massive trees from the Pacific Bonsai Museum, a Japanese Black Pine, and John Kirby's California Juniper.

After the wonderful brunch and awards celebration on Sunday morning at Departure restaurant, I hopped on a bus trip to Bonsai Mirai with my friends and travel companions from Nebraska, Stephanie Walker and Scott Luke.  Ryan's garden was a little slice of heaven on earth.  I hope to return soon.